Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Best of 2016 and 2017 Project List

2016 was undoubtedly an interesting if not challenging year for a lot of people. The uncertain political climate and outlook has certainly dampened spirits. It seems like a norm that working days only get longer and jobs get more demanding. Alas, the world still spins so might as well take whatever life throws at us with a smile. To quote the Hamilton Musical: Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now. 

As we enter 2017, in the design world, it's also high time to reflect on the projects we did or did not complete in 2016. The #2016bestnine below from Instagram didn't quite sum up what I was up to last year. 

Turns out I was pretty good at sticking to my 2016 Project List. Here's a recap of what got done and what didn't. 

This is what my living room looks like now after a series of changes. 

  • Laundry room:
    • Tiled the walls with white subway tiles and dark grout all the way to the ceiling. 
    • Replaced the pendant light. 
Here's a sneak peek of my mini laundry room/mudroom makeover. More on that later in a separate post.  

  • Master Bedroom: 
    • Replaced the chandelier in my master bedroom with this

Didn't Complete:
  • Foyer:
    • Replace the foyer floor with black, white, and grey marble tiles. Don't think I will be taking on this project anytime soon. 
    • Paint the walls above the wainscoting in the same shade of white; or extend the wainscoting to full walls and paint them in white. 

Now for the 2017 Project List: 
  • Ground floor powder room: what other better bathrooms to wow your guests than the powder room, which seems to be the only bathroom your visitors would ever use. My idea is to create a Parisian style bathroom using the following elements:  
    • Wallpaper the walls above wainscoting. I've already picked a floral wallpaper, more on that in another post.  
    • Replace the mirror with a minimalist round or oval-shaped one. 
    • Replace the chandelier. 
  • Kitchen: 
    • Replace the light over the island. 
  • Foyer:
    • Paint the walls above the wainscoting.
As you could see, my 2017 project is a lot shorter and seems more attainable. That's also my new year's resolution: to try to enjoy life in the slow lane, nurture my mind by reading/seeing the world more, and being with positive people who can add happiness and support to my life. I also want to invest time in a healthier diet by cooking more at home. Design wise, I am going to challenge myself by going with choices out of my comfort zone. 2017 is the year to "invest in myself". I hope it will be a fantastic year for you too! 

Picture below: me and my snowman Aaron Brrr :D

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