Friday, May 18, 2018

Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

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As the effects of climate change and global warming continue to become more real, world is becoming more environmentally conscious and shifting towards eco-friendly homes even as pressure mounts on industrial economies to cut their emissions.

Making your home eco-friendly doesn’t require a lot of expenses or turning your life upside down. You don’t have to buy fancy gadgets or tear down your house. It simply involves limiting the impact your lifestyle has on the environment and conserving energy for sustainability.

Energy-saving bulbs
Not all light bulbs are the same. For the same amount of illumination, incandescent bulbs consume 90% more electricity than LED bulbs. Worse even, the incandescent bulbs also emit a lot heat which requires your home cooling system to work longer further driving up your energy consumption.

Replace your ordinary light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs to make your home more eco-friendly and reduce your electric bills.

Turn off when not in use
Don’t leave the lights on when they are not in use, even for a short duration. These small savings in energy consumption accumulate and make a significant impact towards energy conservation.

On the same breath, switch off and unplug your electrical appliances when you are not using them instead of leaving them on standby mode. There is ghost consumption when you leave your appliances plugged in which contributes to your total consumption.
Do not leave your water running either. Most people leave the water running when brushing or washing and this results into a lot of wastage. Turn off the tap when you do not need the water.

Heat management
You don’t have to freeze and risk your life to make your home more eco-friendly. What you have to do is to find smart ways to maintain the suitable temperatures you want in your home.

Thicker and brighter walls retain heat longer and you don’t even have to call home improvement service for this. With simple wall papers and interior décor, you can make home more heat retaining.

Make use of your windows during the day to regulate the interior temperatures and only run the air conditioner when you have to.

More importantly, make sure you heating and cooling system are in the best condition to minimize losses which would mean longer operating hours. You can take the Hvac Training Us to equip you with the skills you need for your DIY home repairs.

Landscaping improves the aesthetic appeal of your home but can also make your home more eco-friendly.

While selecting the types of plants for your garden, go with the native plants in your area which are better suited for your climate conditions thereby reducing the need for you to constantly water and tend to them. Bringing in exotic plants from elsewhere can some time lead to the death of native plants.

Also, use compost manure instead of fertilizer to improve your soil fertility.

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