Friday, May 25, 2018

Cottage Loft Bedroom Progress

It's finally cottage season! I started designing our loft at the height of winter. After multiple iterations, the final design board looks like this. 

I had all the furniture delivered in late March, and even tried to jump on the #oneroomchallenge bandwagon in April. At the end of April, a pretty mood board was all I had, and all the boxes were still unopened. Work has been unprecedentedly busy - having 14-hour workday a few times a week seemed to be the norm these days. By the time weekends came, I was so mentally and physically drained that my creative spirit had to take a back seat. In early May, I finally got around to spending weekends at our cottage. To refresh your memory, we left the loft like this last season. 

And this is the work-in-progress. That Bowl Wall Lamp from EQ3 was my favourite hack,  which I turned into a ceiling mount. 

And this was after adding the wall shelves, and styling in progress. 

I spruced up the Ikea Brimnes storage bed with these leather handles from Etsy. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

Another styling in progress shot from a different perspective. I will include source list once I finished the room. 

The armchair used to be in our living room. On a whim I had Anthony drag it up to the loft to see how it might work for the space. Looks like it belongs there all along! I will be back with more pictures of the final reveal. 

While we were busy working in our loft, our contractor, aka the Super Ian, patiently and meticulously installed the subway backsplash for us in the kitchen. 

Installing 65 square foot of subway tiles 11 feet above the floor with cabinets in the way was no easy feat. I will come back to write more about it. 

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