Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Upgrades During Home Refresh

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There will be a moment when you’ll look around your home and get a feeling that it’s time for some serious upgrades and changes. You can take good care of a home and still get a sense that there are missing elements and features you’d like to have present.

It’s a wise idea to educate yourself on what other homeowners are doing to enhance the look of their property and what experts recommend you do when you’re in need of a refresh. Use the following suggestions as a way to get you thinking about what might be the best fit for you and your current situation and budget.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel
The most important and used rooms in your home are your bathrooms and kitchen. You visit them on a daily basis and they’re spaces that guests use as well. Look through blogs and magazines to get a feel for what your taste is and what’s trending so you can choose the most appropriate upgrades. Consider replacing old flooring, painting cabinets and adding a backsplash for that extra wow factor. You’ll not only be fixing these rooms up for your own pleasure, but they’ll also increase your property value

Sell Your House & Move
It could be that you’ve outgrown your home and are ready to embark on a new journey and move someplace else. While this is a major upgrade, it’s definitely worth talking about if you’ve been in your place a while and are ready for a change. Work with a company such as Sell My House Quick KC to get your unwanted property off your hands and cash in your pocket quickly. Upgrading to a whole new neighborhood and house could be just the solution you need to satisfy your desire for an entire new look and feel.

Address Curb Appeal & Build A Patio
Another home upgrade worth considering if you’re in need of a refresh is to spruce up your curb appeal and backyard. Pay attention to aspects such as your driveway, garage doors and landscaping if you want to make a good first impression. Your front porch is also an opportunity to make your home appear more welcoming and inviting. As for your backyard, install a new patio or deck and add some privacy with bushes or a pergola. 

New Coat of Paint
Paint has the ability to instantly transform the interior space and exterior of your home. Take your time reviewing various color schemes and options and be sure to test out the hues before committing to a full paint job. This is your chance to add a little character to the inside of your home by including an accent wall or painting stripes or patterns. Don’t forget to touch up the trim and any outdoor shutters while you’re at it. Make painting into a fun DIY project for the whole family, or hire a contractor to get it done for you. 

You have many different options when it comes time for a home refresh. Use these ideas to start thinking about which direction may be the right choice for you at this time and then budget appropriately. Remember to sit back and enjoy the outcome once all the hard work is complete. 

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