Monday, June 25, 2018

8 Ways For Creating a Modern Home Style

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If you want to change the way your home looks and you don’t want to move, then why not look at your interior design scheme and change that instead? Moving house is costly and disruptive, but renovating and redecorating is much easier to cope with and a lot cheaper. It makes sense that if you want your home to look different, but you enjoy being where you are, then you should look into ways of changing what you already have. Here are some ways to make your home look more modern.

Use Bold Colors
If you want your home to have a truly modern look, you will need to paint over the pale and neutral colors (some of them at least) and make it much brighter and bolder. You should not change all of the walls because that could make your home uncomfortable; either too bright or too dark. However, by adding a splash of color here and there with a statement wall, or bright blinds or drapes, colorful furniture, or even brightly colored art on the walls, you can make your home look a lot more modern than it ever did before.

Change Your Furniture
If you’ve had the same furniture for years, maybe even decades, then changing it can give your home an entirely new look. Take a look around and get some inspiration about what is modern and what isn’t and then you can start designing your new interior. There are stores such as Room Service 360 that specialize in the most modern and up to date furniture, so if you are looking for something that will definitely make your home look incredible, this is the place to head for. Make sure you speak to the store employees about the size and shape of the room you want to add the furniture to as they will be able to advise what is going to work out best.

Add Plants
Plants are a great way to make your home look not only up to date but also loved and lived in. It can make it seem (and be) a lot more comfortable, and there is no chance of your home coming across as lifeless and clinical if you have greenery in it, or beautiful blooms if you prefer vibrant colors and not just the green leaves of a houseplant.

Plants are good because they don’t cost a lot if you shop around and find something that works for your budget, and many of them don’t need a huge amount of looking after other than positioning them in the right spot and watering them when they need it. They are even beneficial to health. You can buy large plants to have on the floor or smaller ones that can work well on tables, bookshelves, or window ledges.

Look At Your Lamps
Having a less-than-modern lamp in your room can affect the entire look, even if everything else is up to date. In fact, if it is the only older item, it can reduce the impact of everything else you’ve been doing. You need to have a modern lamp to finish the room off perfectly, so search out something that is simple and elegant. Geometric shapes made of glass or metal are excellent choices, for example. If your budget doesn't stretch to a new lamp, you can upcycle the one you already have with paint or a new shade to make it look stunning.

A clear, clean space will instantly make your home look more modern. If there are lots of items on every surface, guests will potentially feel uncomfortable when they are in your home because people do tend to want a bit more room to move around in than a cluttered home can give them. Clean lines and open spaces are what make a home look truly modern, so you may want to invest in furniture that offers you the option of additional storage. Alternatively, you could have a clear out and give items to Goodwill or sell them at a garage sale.

Add Rugs
Rugs are a nice touch because they can be changed as often as you like, unlike carpeting. Having a modern wooden floor or tiles and then a gorgeous rug over the top can bring an entire room together. Find a rug that matches well with your furniture otherwise; it will look out of place. When you are choosing your rug, and you want it to be modern then picking a shag rug will be best. It should either be one plain color, although ideally, this color should be nice and bright or covered in geometric shapes. Take your time selecting the rug that works best for you and your home, and perhaps buy two or three so that you can change them when you feel like it, or move them from room to room. Don’t worry if you already have carpet; rugs can happily sit on top, but make sure they don’t clash.

Floating Staircase
Although including an open staircase into your home will be more expensive and take more time, not to mention the potential disruption it could cause than the other items on the list, but it may also be exactly the thing you are looking for. An open staircase, properly done, not only opens up the entire room and makes it look more comfortable and inviting, but it can also be a work of art in itself, making that room look amazing. The difference between an open or floating staircase and a closed one could be the only thing that is stopping your home from looking modern, so you might find that speaking to an expert architect or designer who can assist will change everything for you in a hugely positive way.

Update Your Kitchen
Your kitchen is an important room and is perhaps the most important room of all. If your kitchen is old fashioned, then it can let the rest of your home down. You don’t have to spend a fortune on updating your kitchen if you don’t want to; you could simply paint over older cabinets with special paint, and the entire look can change instantly and for the better.
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