Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer Fun and #ThisIsMyBrita

Summer quickly descended into The Six. For us, we wasted no time to retreat to our Nordic style cottage in the Prince Edward County. With reno projects coming to an end, I could now spend more time styling and we also get to plan all the exciting fun activities with family and friends. It's going to be an epic cottage season this year. 

Picture below: our cottage lakeview at sunset

Good food and wine is always part of our definition of fun. We enjoy those impromptu pasta dinners al fresco, play a trac ball game, or simply lounge and read a book in our covered porch. Summer dinner get-togethers are our favs. So I was very excited when Angie from Devon Consulting asked me to join the #ThisIsMyBrita campaign to personalize my Brita pitcher. I couldn't live without Brita, especially in the cottage country where water is a lot harder and chlorine smell a lot stronger. Brita pitcher always comes handy when we host friends and family. It's the first thing I reached out to in the fridge whenever I felt the need to be hydrated. 

For the #ThisIsMyBrita program, I was given a Brita pitcher and a permanent marker to add personal styles and touches to the pitcher. Cottage and nature-related themes immediately came to mind. As I walked by the Alanna Cavanagh's Blue Bell print I recently acquired and now hung in my foyer, the light bulb went off in my head. So here's my personalized Brita pitcher inspired by my favourite illustration artist Alanna Cavanagh. The sun in the upper right corner is a little homage to summer and cottage season.  

I then coloured all the Bluebell flowers with the purple marker that came with the package. I was so happy with the outcome that I wanted to draw another one on my other black Brita pitcher. 

So how do you like my personalized Brita pitcher? Do you use Brita pitcher at home? Do you use it more during summer months? Do share! 

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