Thursday, May 3, 2018

Seasonal Refresh for Your Home

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With a new season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to revamp the appearance of your home, and in turn, make it more suitable for sun-drenched days of entertaining and socializing. To revive the freshness of your home, you don’t need to have a whole new bathroom fitted or to knock down a wall to create a kitchen-diner. Instead, a brand new feel is more readily achieved by changing the position of furniture and replacing worn and torn furnishings like rugs, carpets, and sofa cushions in favour of light, colourful ones. You can renew the look of your home in just a few easy steps, so begin making a list of items that you’d like to buy and display, and ones that aren’t currently fulfilling their purpose.

Replace Drapes With Shutters
With the days getting longer and lighter, replace heavy drapes with tidy light-coloured shutters or blinds. Blinds can provide plenty of privacy, and you’ll also be able to control the level of brightness each room receives by adjusting how they cleverly filter daylight. This control allows you to create a relaxed, private feel by adjusting the filter, and open them completely when you want to illuminate a room and flood it with natural sunlight. Going one step further, consider changing the window panes and frames to ones of a classic, stylish sash design. You can achieve this by visiting and looking into getting made-to-measure windows complete with windowsills.

New Coat Of Paint
Unless you want to completely alter how rooms in your house feel in terms of warmth and character, you should stick to repainting them in the same, or a similar colour, as they were before. By simply adding a new coat of paint, you can instantly freshen up the appearance of tired or stained walls. You can improve the look of your home by making other visible surfaces, such as the floor and ceiling, appear clean and free from dirt, grime, and dust.

Add Plants
Spruce up the place by adding a beautiful plant in each room, and don’t forget to add some greenery to the bathroom. For the bathroom, you could choose the Aloe Vera plant which reduces indoor humidity, and as a result, it is very useful in rooms where moisture builds up. Before adding your potted plants, if your surfaces look a little dusty and uncared for, then wash them down thoroughly. Vases of colourful flowers in bloom can cheer up a space, so think about getting some long-stemmed flowers such as roses or lilies, and arranging them in a tall clear vase for a stylish aesthetic.

Have a meticulous spring clean to remove any grubbiness that’s accumulated. When you’re doing this, try and avoid using harsh chemicals that aren’t environmentally friendly. Instead, you can use lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar for deep-cleaning fabrics, cookware and glass. Do this alongside clearing out mess, clutter, and possessions that no longer serve a purpose in your home. Replace old trinkets and decorations with new ones, or decide to keep surfaces clear and tidy by removing them completely.

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