Saturday, June 25, 2011

Clarus Glass Display Box and Brass Bunnies

After reading Rambling Renovators' "Thrift: Display Case" blog, I couldn't resist but to look for similar vintage display boxes to buy. Such a deal as what Jennifer scored was no where to be found, and all those available online were either too small or too ornate.

I picked up the phone and called Crate and Barrel at Yorkdale this afternoon, and to my great surprise, they still had one set of small and large Clarus Display Boxes in stock! I wasn't going to take any chances so hubby and I went there after his haircut and picked up these gorgeous pieces! They will work into the nautical and causal elements I am trying to add to our living room.

So here they are: the Crate and Barrel Clarus Display Boxes. The coral branch is from Pottery Barn and I threw it in there to show the mirror base of these cases.
(click on the image to enlarge) 

And a rock/crystal/fossil collection like this is what I am going for. I already have an amethyst geode and a quartz cluster so I will need to add a few more colorful ones such as Celestite (blue), Chrysocolla (turquoise), Pyromorphite (lime) and pink Tourmaline, etc.
And these are the super cute vintage brass bunnies from Etsy! Too bad the order is being held up and it doesn't appear a settlement on CP's strike is in sight. Well, patience, grasshopper!
I will post some pictures once I finish my crystal/mineral collection. Let see how fast I can accomplish that without breaking my bank!
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