Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life Is a Beach

Lately I've been thinking, if I should start to loosen up my decor in the living room. With full-wall wainscoting, fireplace screen, arch-top mirror and Edwardian lantern, all these elements seem to scream "formal". The question I kept asking myself is, can "classic" and "old world" also be light-hearted and free spirit?

I believe I come to a good middle ground today by introducing some nautical subjects into the room. Who doesn't want to take their tropical vacation memories with them wherever they go? And the theme doesn't always have to stay behind bathroom walls!

So here are a few sea specimens that have fantastic shapes and forms. The round ones are sea urchin shells. I love how they are grouped today to create a mini nautical nook in the living space.
 And you will never guess where these red coral branches are from -- yes, a big box retailer like Pottery Barn! Even better news is that Pottery Barn Canada has contracted the same Fiftyone online order processing company that Overstock uses to provide shipping directly to Canadian buyers now.

 This is another great coral bush decorative object from Pottery Barn.
 This is an image from a Spanish decor magazine called Nuevo Estilo. Notice how those coral branches instantaneously lighten up all the formal furniture?
Anyhow, a few items have been ordered, and I can't wait to see how they liberate my living space.

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