Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am a living proof of Einstein's definition of insanity: over the past few weeks I've spent countless time and efforts on co-designing our front and back yards with our contractor. Halfway into sealing the deal, my neighbour decided to join us for their front yard hardscaping as well as the joint area between two houses. That triggered further discussions with our contractor who is meticulous about his design and reputation to start with. So I get to go through the same thing over and over and expect different results every time he comes back with more suggestions. Sadly I like most of the changes so it has become a never-ending process.

The latest version almost knocked my socks off. So here is the BEFORE, or what we had decided to do for the front yard: simple, low maintenance, right?
 Now check this out. This is what he sent back today! If this is not insanity then what is??? It's going to cost us 5G more, but I am keeping most of the changes so consider I now have a final plan to proceed with the project!
(click to enlarge the picture)
Now I can only pray the weather will be mostly dry next week when they start digging...forecast says thunderstorms throughout the week...what a timing huh? :-(

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