Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gallery Wall - Need Your Help

As I've started our master bedroom refresh, I ran into something difficult to tackle. It almost seems like that wall in the dining room all over again, where I changed my mind on what went on it numerous times (which resulted in countless nail holes and @#%*). To avoid the same mishap, I've decided to research to death until I am 100% certain and completely satisfied before I take any action.

The wall in question in our master bedroom is this (pardon the uber ugly picture...it can only get better from here, I promise) -- the wall along the entrance facing the bed and adjacent to the ensuite. The area I get to play with is 6' (L) x 4' (H) above the two chairs.
So here are the options I came up with so far. Please vote which one you like the most. It's completely fine to be honest and tell me it's better to leave it as is and don't put up anything at all. The wall color I am thinking is Valspar's Polar Star, the same color as what we used in our basement's bedroom and bathroom pictured below.

So here are the options (please ignore the pictures/prints inside the frames as I am yet to decide what goes in them):

Option 1: Gallery wall with multiple frames in different sizes

 Option 2: Three frames in identical size, extra wide mat
Option 3: Gallery wall with six square frames of the same size (these are the ones I took off from the dining room wall)
So which one would you prefer, if any at all? Thanks in advance.

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