Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gallery Wall Update (Involving a Mini Ikea Hack)

Thanks for your input on the gallery wall in our master bedroom. Most of you know that besides being a neat freak, I also love symmetry in design. Therefore, I've decided to go with option 2, three frames with extra wide mats, partially also because it involves least amount of work.

Gallery frames with custom-width mat could cost a fortune, and I was determined to find a bargain since I might change my mind again in the near future. So here's what I did:

1. Went to Ikea to pick up three RIBBA frames each at 16.75 x 20.75" in size.

2. Don't like the mat color (ivory) or the width (too narrow), so I picked up three BILD FJÄLLSTA prints with extra wide (and thick) mat each at $12. Each mat measures 15.75" x 19.75", just the right size for the RIBBA frame. It has a 8x10" cutout, perfect for the artworks I have in mind. I am sure it'd cost a lot more to have similar mat custom cut in an art supply store (thanks Linds, I checked).
Ikea BILD FJÄLLSTA Picture with passepartout
3. Swapped the prints that come with the BILD FJÄLLSTA with 3 pieces of watercolor artworks we picked up from our recent San Francisco trip.
4. And voilà, I have three gallery frames with extra wide/thick mats that fit my artworks for $30 each! Pretty good deal, right?

This is what they look like now on the wall.

The room is not picture-ready yet as we are yet to paint the walls. Speaking of that, we are still deciding what to do with this headboard wall. I replaced our bed with this upholstered platform bed just before Christmas, and of course it stirred up a chain reaction to change pretty much everything else in our master bedroom.

I also took advantage of a 25% bedroom furniture sale at West Elm just before the holidays, and ordered two of this Niche Nightstand in white to replace the old ones in the above picture.

So in short, the bedroom is going to be pretty neutral (white) in color scheme. The options are between a panel wall like what Jen @ Rambling Renovators did, or just painting it and replacing the bedside lamps with taller ones to increase visual interest? What do you think?

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