Monday, January 30, 2012

Master Bathroom Lighting Update

Thanks for your feedback on the ceiling chandelier for my upcoming master bath reno. Over the weekend, I suddenly realized the crystal globe light reminds me of a disco you agree? Anyhow, I went ahead and ordered the Robert Abbey Bling chandelier hoping it would turn out great over the tub.

And now comes to the other lighting source in the room -- wall sconce. I know I want to put up two mirrors over vanity, so that means I will need three sconces. I've been tossing among these options.
1. Visual Comfort's Bryant Sconce: most expensive among all options, sleek and elegant.

2. Restoration Hardware's Wilshire Sconce or Robert Abbey's Muse Calliope Scone (they are the same btw): perfect size, would've been absolutely my #1 choice without the crystal accent.  
Another angle of the same Wilshire or Robert Abbey sconce.
3. Eurofase Bauhaus scone: local supplier, taller (15.75"H) than I prefer, not so keen on the crystal accents.

4. Go with something I've used and already known how it's going turn out: Restoration Hardware's Lugarno sconce. It's also the cheapest among all options.

My basement bathroom

So which wall sconce do you like the most? In your bathroom reno, how do you balance between style and budget?

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