Monday, January 23, 2012

Marina Dreams

Really, Michelle? In the middle of this year's yo-yo winter weather? Yes, indeed. Call me a dreamer, but I've been thinking of cottage, and to be more specific, buying one. Am I out of the ballpark to look for a cottage to buy now?

Anyhow, location wise, we would like it to be at most 2 hours drive from where we live, so that narrows down to: Lake Simcoe Kempenfelt Bay and Lake Scugog Kawartha Lakes areas. I kept reminding myself that this shouldn't be an impulsive purchase. Nor should it be a mental escape for the moment. Instead, like all other properties we hold, it should first be a good investment, and for this particular one, also a great year-round getaway spot.

Just a glimpse of these pictures (from an actual cottage that I am interested in) will send me back to my marina dreams. Don't you just love those giant ceiling-to-floor windows, and the lake view from the dining room?
Dock outside of the backyard
Now I just need to figure out how to drag ourselves up north to actually see a few of them. Grrr! After all, not everything can be purchased over the web, right?
So what do you think of a cottage in those two areas (pretty wide range, I know)? Is it risky to buy a cottage now mostly based on their "summer" pictures since everything around the house is likely covered in snow?
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