Saturday, July 7, 2012

Basement Craft Game Room Design

Lately when I was in my husband's man cave enjoying movies over a beer, I couldn't help but noticing the empty space right next to it that's yet to have a purpose. My plan was to leave it as a flexible space: may it be for craft, games, or in the future play room if we ever decide to have kids.

The area highlighted in grey is the space I referred to. As you could see from the following plan, it's right next to the entertainment room, and together they are essentially one huge open living space. Despite the fact that the room is odd-shaped and a corridor run through part of it, it still offers pretty good usable space with a long L-shaped wall. The window was perfectly situated in the middle.

Here are the options I am tossing around to utilize the space.

Option 1: Built-in base and upper cabinets with a desk in the middle. My easel goes in the corner. Add a harvest table for crafts and games.

The built-in cabinet and desk combo would look like this:
Source: Young House Love

Option 2: Utilize the entire L-shaped wall and run base cabinets through.

I am not sure if I need that much storage (or can we ever have enough?) since I already have this big bunker on the other end of the room.

Option 3: this is the most stylish option with a built-in banquette flanked by base cabinets. It offers ample seating and storage.

So which option would you go for? Any other suggestions?

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