Monday, July 16, 2012

Sausalito and Watercolor

Sausalito and watercolor, that's pretty much what I was up to for the past week. While we had our new fiscal year kick-off in San Francisco, our company piggybacked a Sausalito cruise for us. The wine was good and the views were stunning, but who would have thought words like "wind chill", "freezing" would be tossed around in the high of July? I highly recommend that you completely bundle up for a Bay cruise like this.
From top left clockwise: Golden Gate Bridge; Sausalito Ferry; Sausalito Ferry; Sausalito Ferry + A Guy on Standup Kayak; Boats at Sausalito Ferry; Alcatraz; Alcatraz; Alcatraz; San Francisco Download in the distance.

Of late I am intrigued by the details and layers of colors one could accomplish with watercolor, so I picked up watercolor painting again. The first attempt was to imitate Birds of Ashmae's Peony, and I think it turned out okay. The Iris is original and I like how the purple-blue contrasts the yellow when put together.
From top left clockwise: Iris Watercolor; Peony Watercolor; Iris and Peony Watercolor framed; Framed on the basement shelf.

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