Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Etsy Shop

You must be wondering if I've gone insane. On top of the millions of other things I am constantly doing, I opened an Etsy shop. Yes, that's right, I am nutty that way. The shop is dedicated to finding a new home for some of the paintings I did over the years.

I have been painting since I was five, and on a part-time basis throughout my adult life. While I usually use neutral colors for interior design, I splash my paintings with vibrant and cheerful colors. After all, changing a piece of art is so much easier than re-painting all the walls in a room, or switching out a major piece of furniture.

I am still going through boxes in my basement to locate some of my paintings, and will be adding the listings over the next few days. If you like what you see, let me know and I will take the listing off Etsy.

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