Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Weekend Party Fatigue

This long weekend was full of actions for us and I am starting to feel a bit party fatigue: a BBQ party on Saturday, a day trip to Cobourg beach on Sunday and a lunch get-together with friends on Monday. We were either out of town or just chillaxing during holidays, so this was definitely a very nice change for us. I could start to see all the fun we will have with our friends and their kids once we pull the trigger on buying a cottage.

My friend E's super adorable two-year-old on a swing...he melts my heart! Little R liked to ride his swing high. It was magical to watch kids play and have so much fun.

E's five-year-old was building sand castles with his buddies on the Cobourg Beach. The same boy built a very sophisticated 2000-piece LEGO Ferrari all by himself earlier this year. Anthony skipped two grades while in school, and he could only build a LEGO model like that when he was eight years old! Kids are getting so smart these days that it's almost intimidating.

The scenic Cobourg Beach was filled with families on Canada Day.

The seagulls are well fed and giant. It must be a Top-Dawg life for them there. 

Local artists set up kiosks to showcase their artworks.

 We strolled down to the Cobourg Marina. It was a moment of mental escape for me.

Have you been to Cobourg Beach? How was your Canada Day long weekend?

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