Saturday, May 25, 2013

Knobs for French Provincial Dresser

Ok I admit, this is yet another OC act of mine. This is the dresser in question: the French Provincial style white dresser in my master bedroom. I used those cube knobs years ago and I am pretty sure it was inspired by an episode of Sarah's House. She used exactly the same knob for a girl's bedroom dresser. I loved the look at the time and still like it now.

However, there is a problem. Do you see all the sharp corners of the knob? I should've known better right? I don't remember how many times I've bumped into these knobs and you really don't want to hear what slipped out of my mouth. So as much as I love these cube knobs, I have to replace them.

Here are a few options I am considering, and again I can't make up my mind. I don't want the knobs to be shabby chic; they can't be too modern but they can't be too antique-y either; I definitely don't want a whimsy/novelty type. I want them to be slightly Victorian, vintage-y, and go with the style of the dresser and the mirror. Do I make it too easy or what?

1. Anthropologie's Gleam Theory Knob: love the hammered brass look. They are discontinued so it might be challenging to find them online.
2. Anthropologie's Mercury Glass Knob in Silver.
3. Anthropologie's Mercury Glass Knob in Gold.
4. Antique Silver Knob from Etsy.
5. Anthropologie's Glass Melon Knob in Brass.
6. Anthropologie's Mother of Pearl Knob.

I did a quick mockup in Photoshop and this is what the dresser looks like with the glass melon knobs on it.

So which one is your favorite? Any other suggestions? Do you have a French Provincial style dresser at home and what type of knobs/pulls do you use?

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