Sunday, May 5, 2013

Foyer Update

Well, you ladies have spoken. It looks like you also chose my favorite - this super fab wheat & cream linen pillow from CCDeuxVie. Isn't it gorgeous? The piping detail is just icing on the cake.  

I am really happy with it in my foyer now, not too busy, not too loud, not too much color or texture, it's simple and just right.
The other side of the foyer has a bit more action going on with this pair of turquoise foo dogs adding a pop of color. 

The next up in the foyer is to paint the staircase. After getting a few ridiculously expensive quotes, I've decided to tackle this on our own. After crawling on the staircase for a couple of hours, we got this -- it's all taped up in ScotchBlue Edge-Lock...let see if the tape lives up to its name.  

There's a lot of detailed work involved so fingers crossed. More update to come.

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