Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hutch Buffet Update

Ladies and gents, I have some exciting news to share. I promised to post images as the hutch buffet is being custom made by Anne Quinn Furniture, and here they are.

Isn't it gorgeous as is? I love the simple clean lines and elegant moulding & carving details. It's made of solid mahogany.

Remember a few weeks ago I posted this drawing? They look identical right?

For the space I have in my dining room, I am only going to be able to have a three-door hutch buffet, but I also really want a symmetrical look. I didn't want to have hinge on one side and pulls on the other in the middle section. So Christine and I brainstormed and she had suggested that we fix the middle door - isn't it ingenious? I still have more than ample room to navigate from both doors and the unit will look completely symmetrical. Love it! The three drawers are working drawers but for some reason they are not open in the picture. 

This is the unit from the side. The next step is for it to get a few coats of creamy white paint, have the hardware installed and it will then travel a long journey and be on its way to me. So exciting!

P.S. I did pick up eight bone china place settings so more on that later.

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