Monday, May 27, 2013

Retro Telephones

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know how much I love to mix the old and the new styles in my décor. I am a big fan of 30's Regency, a touch of 60's Vintage Mod, and the everlasting Hollywood Regency Revival. 

Lately I am pretty obsessed with retro telephones, and seriously contemplating replacing the super modern & sleek cordless phone in our kitchen with one of these.

Vintage Princess Phone in Cream and Gold via Etsy. My parents got me one of these for my bedroom back in the 80's. My design sense obviously hadn't sprouted yet, and I was so embarrassed (so much so I'd hide it whenever I had friends over) to use something I deemed so "old-fashioned", and mocked my mom for having no taste in style. Eventually my mom took the telephone back and used it in her own bedroom which she later gave away. Well, guess who is laughing now huh?  

Vintage Princess Phone in Turquoise and Silver via Etsy. Is it dreamy?

GPO 1970's Retro Push Button Rotary Phone via John Something so utilitarian and household back then can appear so chic today.

1960's Popular Princess Phones in Blue, Yellow and Pink.

I am pretty sure Mad Men's Betty Draper had one of these in Turquoise on her bedside table. Med Man's show put my desire for vintage accents on steroid.

And this is phone I am considering for my kitchen - the VTech's Retro Phone. Switching to one of the real retro phones featured above would be going a bit too far, I think, as it might look out of place in my kitchen. Not to say the inconvenience of using the telephony technologies from the past era. But something like VTech's retro phone seems to have a perfect marriage of vintage look and modern technologies.

So what do you think? Would you use a vintage-looking phone like this in your house, or would you go for the true retro piece?

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