Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Colours

Fall is officially here, and at 43N latitude here in Toronto we are lucky that we have all the colourful leaves to prove it. Do you know you can monitor the foliage colour progression province-wide online here? The report is updated on a weekly basis, and it tells you how much percentage of the leaves has changed colours in a certain area, and what the predominate colours are. It even gives you route recommendations for the best fall colour watch experience.

Right at home here in my front porch, I also have a little fall colour action going on. The burning bush has turned into a fireball in this most incredible vibrant red colour. I had a few neighbours asked me what it's called and told me that it has become a highlight of our street (a good thing I hope). I only wish it could grow a bit faster - we've had it for over two years and so far it hasn't grown taller or wider all that much.

I also couldn't miss the easy-to-care-for and super beautiful fall chrysanthemums (or fall mum for short). I tried to pick a different colour every year, and this year I went for the coral pink.

The Bougainvillea plants in my backyard are still blossoming but I started to see some yellowish spots in the leaves. That signals it's time to bring the plants into the house. I trimed off a few branches and save one of them by placing it in the hobnail vase/tumbler from Anthropologie. Fuchsia, turquoise, brass and milk glass is kind of my scene. :) So fall doesn't have to be all about the typical gold and orange harvest colour themes right? You see my fall is all about pink and more pink. :)


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