Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Hiked in My Heels

I was in Vancouver last week for a conference. When work was all set and done with, we still had a few hours to spare so we took a drive up the scenic Highway 99 to Squamish. The traffic through Lions Gate Bridge was a lot smoother than I had remembered, so within minutes, we were on the "Sea-to-Sky-Highway", a two-lane scenic highway passes both the Pacific Ocean and rugged mountain peaks. I wouldn't be surprised a lot of sports car commercials were filmed on this picturesque route.

Shannon Falls, Squamish

Forgetting to pack an extra pair of walking shoes this time, I was in these 4" heels when we slowly hiked up the hills.

And for this heavenly view at the Shannon Falls? My foot aches and back pains were totally worth it!

It was only late September so we didn't have much luck spotting any bald eagles. However, we did end up seeing a swarm of humpback salmons (pink salmons) flapping and trapped in shallow creeks after spawning. It was heartbreaking and I only wish I could give them a hand and help them find their way back to the ocean. But what I am to disturb the nature's ecological cycles right?

If you are in Vancouver and have an afternoon to kill, I would highly recommend you renting a car up to the Squamish area. We also drove by Lions Bay, Murrin Provincial Park and Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.

On a related note, I ordered this gorgeous vintage oil painting featuring the German Alps by Wilh Neumayer from VintageArtRoom. It's smaller than I had expected so I am still trying to figure out where it goes. I really want to put up at least one gallery wall in my house so perhaps that's where it belongs, with a group of other artworks I collected over the years.

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