Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vintage Teacup Collection Part II

My vintage teacup collection continues to grow. Unlike other vintage collections I started, I find cup and saucer collection to be very addictive. Why? First of all, over the last century there has been ample supply of fine quality bone china with exquisite designs in the marketplace which makes collect them relatively easy today. Secondly, for the past 200 years, the manufacturers never stopped competing with one another by coming up with better, more intricate colours, patterns and styles. Lastly, online shopping makes it even easier for a collector like me to browse images and see exactly what I am buying from the comfort of my own home. That all goes to say that it doesn't seem like I am going to stop collecting these teacup sets any time soon.

In addition to the four sets I picked up this past summer, I added these three to my collection.

This pale blue Paragon set is from Dishin-it, a vintage china and glassware specialty shop on Etsy run by two super friendly and helpful ladies Kathie & Susan. The set was made in 1959 to commemorate the Royal visit at the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

This romantic rose and gold Royal Stafford number is from vickyg on eBay. Vicky carries a large selection of antique and vintage teacup sets at an affordable price range. I was all giggly when I found out the identical set was for sale elsewhere at almost 3 times of what I paid. Let's talk about scoring a deal and ROI, shall we? :)

I am beginning to see a pattern of my collection: although I didn't intentionally follow the advice to focus on a few manufacturers, I find that I gravitate towards the designs and styles made by Paragon, (Royal) Tuscan and Royal Stafford/Staffordshire. This is another Tuscan teacup set I picked up from mama_bundy on eBay. Isn't the pink porcelain wicked? So far this is still one-of-a-kind as I am yet to find an identical one anywhere else.  

So this is my antique/vintage teacup collection to-date, 7 and counting, following no particular design, color, manufacturer or era. However, they are all at least 50-year old from the 1900 to 1959. They are also all in mint condition, with no chip, crack or crazing. I insist on quality over quantity because fine bone china appreciates in value when they are whole.

Another set that didn't make to this photo shot but is en route to me is this glamorous teal and gold Tuscan teacup set from prissyscollectibles on eBay. Debra has tons of dreamy collectibles in her eBay store like this emerald green Chinoiserie pagoda set by Royal Chelsea. I only wish I could have them all!

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