Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I am late to post but better late than never right? I hope my fellow Canadians all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. It was a very relaxing weekend for me because unlike any other year when I usually hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, this year we decided to take our feast at a restaurant. And boy wasn't it a good call! We took our time catching up and enjoying our food, and the best part is, nobody had to constantly get up to serve!

This afternoon we took our bikes out to a nearby trail in this perfect weather. This pond is about 5 minutes bike ride from our house. Can you spot the heron in the picture? I could swear I also saw a great horned owl nearby.

The fresh air totally opened up my lungs, and my eyes took in all these stunning fall colours. I felt so thankful that I am living in such a green community - we are so close to all the places we need to go yet still have the nature in our backyard.

Being a city girl all my life I was stoked by these acorns in the grass. Can you believe this was the first time I ever had an acorn in my palm? Before this Ice Age was my closet experience.

To wrap up this post, I will share this picture of a super dorky me next to the giant pumpkins outside of Longo's. My friends said I could ride in them. Yeah laugh away. :)

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