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Home Extensions

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If you have a budget to make improvements to your house, then there are quite a lot of different things that you can do. However, if you are looking for the kind of improvements that will offer the most benefits in terms of your quality of life while you are living in your home, new ways to take advantage of your home as a family, and improvements in the value and saleability of your home, then an extension is definitely the best option.

Here we look at what kind of extensions you could consider, and just why this is such a great choice when it comes to spending your home improvement money.
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Different Types of Home Extensions

Home extensions come in various types. They can be things that are built upwards vertically on top of parts of your house to form other new rooms, they can be things like conservatories, there are extensions such as granny flats, or they can even be external buildings that exist on your property such as outdoor rooms. In every case, an extension expands the usable space inside your home.

Not everybody has space on their land to build a new room coming out of the property. However, there may still be ways that you can add new space by building upwards, or by building in a separate location on your land.

So, if you do have the option to build more on to your home, why is this a better choice than other renovations or home improvements that you could make?

Adding New Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Home

While you are still living in your home, these changes usually offer you a better quality of life. They give you a new space that you can use for whatever purpose you want. Whether it is a new bedroom for a growing child, a studio for your favorite hobbies, a guest space, or something that you just use for entertaining or relaxing such as a conservatory, you will get more out of your home by adding a new room.

They are other ways you can achieve this in some properties, such as a loft or basement conversion that can create a new usable room. However, by extending the property and creating larger space within it, you are giving yourself plenty more options for how to use the spaces that you have already have, and you still enjoy the benefits of an extension.

Adding Value to Your Property

Adding a new room on to your house automatically increases the value, plus makes (in most cases) a stronger contribution to the overall value of your house than the cost of the project to build it.

Whether you plan to eventually sell your home or you just want to make it nicer to live in, adding value to it is always a good thing - and a good use of your investment in home improvement. This is because you never know what will happen in the future and whether or not you will want to eventually move on from this property. Also, because even if you stay in it for life, when you pass the property down to your family, they may want the option to sell it in future and so the greater its worth, the greater the legacy you can leave behind.

Appealing Features for Potential Buyers

If selling the property is something that you already planned to do in future years or something that you just want to keep open as an option, adding an extension not only adds value to the property but also makes it more appealing to buyers.

This is because it offers them more flexibility in terms of the rooms they would have to use if they took on the house. It may also open up your property to a market of potential buyers who would not have been interested in it in its previous state, for example, people who wanted a four-bedroom house, if yours previously only had three rooms that could be used as bedrooms.

In terms of buyer appeal, your house could also have something unique to offer if you have an extension, such as being a house that has an art studio built into it, or a gym, or whatever else you choose to use the room for. While the new buyers could choose to use it for something else, it can be an interesting feature that might encourage them to take a look at it.

Projects Can Be Easier Than You Might Think

So, if you are now seeing the benefits of considering an extension as your next home improvement project, you may be wondering how difficult it is to actually start one. In general, depending on where you are and the status of the land that you have, you will need to get planning permission. This can be one of the more difficult aspects of starting this kind of project. However, once the bureaucracy is dealt with, actually planning and developing your extension may not be as hard as you think.

You can use companies such as custom new home builders who also work with extension design and construction to realize the vision that you want on paper, work on a budget with you, and begin planning to actually create the structure.

The alternative is, of course, to develop the extension yourself. If you have good skills in this area, this may be a more cost-effective solution. However, it is advisable to put more contingency into your budget if you are managing the project yourself than if you are using an external company who are experts in doing this and have good relationships with suppliers.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons why it is worth considering building an extension on your home if you have a budget for home improvement that you want to spend and to get the best return on investment from.
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