Monday, August 13, 2018

Cottage Life in Prince Edward County

We've been really lucky to have a long and gorgeous summer this year. Being the first full year at our new cottage, we've been enjoying our summer life to the fullest. As interior projects are winding down, we've been spending more time outdoors exploring all the fun things the cottage country has to offer. 

Picture below: my favourite perspective of our cottage living room, overlooking the dining room. 

In this post, I will summarize a few fun activities you can do in the Prince Edward County during summer months. 

Early June: plein-air photos, random strolls and antiquing. 

Summer arrived early this year. The June fresh air and lush grass invited cows out of their barns, creating a perfect scene for plein air photos. 

We stumbled upon a few small poppy flower fields along County Road 10. 

Cooler temperature and fresher air also made June a perfect month for random strolls. I really enjoyed house watching in the old town Bloomfield. This colonial beauty surely stopped me on my tracks. 

No cottage country experience would be complete without some antiquing and thrifting. 

We also managed to get our landscaping done by the end of June. 

We added a much needed walkway, wrapped around the house. I tried to keep the landscaping to a minimum to keep our natural surroundings as undisturbed as possible. 

July-August: lavender field, sunflower field, water activities. 

I don't have to tell you how amazing it felt canoeing or kayaking into sunset. It's the ultimate state of happiness. 

Lavender Festival in PEC was held around Canada Day, when I was still in Switzerland. I was kicking myself for having to miss the Festival again this year. In mid July I decided to make a stop at the PEC Lavendar Farm on our way back to the cottage, and I am so glad I did. Pictures below were taken on July 14th, when lavender seemed to have just reached its peak. We were able to freely explore the field, sans the crowd during the Festival! The bushes continued to bloom into early August. 

On the way out of the lavender farm, be sure to make a quick stop at the SHED Chetwyn Farms, where you could pet the cutest animal on this planet - Alpaca. 

Sunflower fields in Ontario started to bloom in mid July. Pictures below were taken at a smaller sunflower field not five minutes from our cottage. They reached peak bloom around July 28th. 

I lied earlier about nothing better than canoeing into sunset. Well, taking a dip in our infinity pool on a scorcher was pretty heavenly too. We usually sipped a few glasses of our favourite late harvest, while watching the sun slowly disappearing into the lake. 

September-October: winery visits.

I am saving all the wineries tours for cooler months. There are over 20 wineries within 20 minutes from our cottage, so it's going to be a blast. 

Do you have a favourite spot/fun thing to do in PEC? Do share! 

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