Friday, August 24, 2018

7 Steps To A Better Office Space

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The look and feel of your office matter a great deal because it’s how you’ll attract and keep talent and impress clients when they visit. As a business owner, it’s your job to create a better office space that’s welcoming, inviting and inspires creativity.

Be glad to know there are a few ways in particular for how you can go about accomplishing this goal. Keep in mind that it’s a process and the transformation will take some time before you get it just how you want it to look. Do your homework and research first to get a better idea of what you want to make sure you include.

New Paint
Paint not only affects your mood but it can also cause employees to be more or less productive too. Investigate which hues are best for an office space and then invest in applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. It is also your opportunity to add a little bit of colour, brighten up the space and make small rooms appear larger. If you’re feeling crafty and ambitious, it’s a job you can tackle yourself over the weekend, but if it’s not your specialty, then hire a contractor to come in and help you with the project, so it’s done right the first time. Paint is a budget-friendly upgrade and has the ability to instantly improve your office space and make it look brand new.

Take Time to Decorate
Offices that are plain and boring aren’t fun to come to work to each day and won’t help to motivate your employees much. Show that you care about and take pride in your space by taking the time to decorate it. Hang artwork on the walls, place plants around the area and include a few personal touches such as a team photo. Your office space will be that much better when it’s decorated and looks like people actually spend time in it. By including these sorts of elements in the space, you’ll be proud to show it off to clients and guests when they’re in town as well.

Make Sure it’s up to Code
When you own a building, it’s your job to confirm it’s up to code and you’re following the state and federal rules and regulations. There are a few things to know in particular about common code violations and how to correct them. The last situation you want is putting your staff and yourself if the way of any harm or danger. In the case of a fire or emergency, you want to make sure everyone knows what to do and that all of the alarms are working properly and no exit doors are being blocked. Violations are dangerous and costly, so it’s worth you investigating the matter further and fixing any issues promptly.

Comfortable & Attractive Furniture
It’s important you invest in furnishing your office space if you want to improve the look of it. This is your opportunity to add a splash of colour and make your area look a little funkier if you choose. Also, be sure you to test it out ahead of time so that it’s not too uncomfortable to sit in since your workers are putting in long days. Come up with a theme for the office and then purchase furniture that complements the overall appearance you’re aiming to achieve. Make sure the pieces match and mesh well together, so it looks like you tried and aren’t just trying to fill the space with random objects.

Conference Rooms
It’s important you incorporate enough conference rooms and private spaces in your office, especially if you have an open concept configuration for staff. You’ll have an even better office space when you confirm there are enough areas for people to go to host meetings and have conversations without having to deal with a variety of distractions. Decorate these rooms as well and also be sure to include the latest technology such as video conferencing options and high-tech televisions and phones. You may also want to hang a few different whiteboards in these spaces for when you hold brainstorming sessions.

Improved Lighting
A dark and dreary office is not only unexciting to be in, but will likely drain all the energy and zest out of your employees. Work on improving your lighting by adding more options for illuminating the space and making sure they’re energy efficient to help you save money. Consider installing lights that turn off automatically when people leave the room, so everyone doesn’t have to remember to always hit a light switch. Confirm there are not only enough lights around the office, but that they’re at the right level of brightness for people to be the most productive.

Game Room
Another idea worth considering if you want to create an even better office space is to add a game room. It’s a great way for employees to relax when they want to take a break from their daily responsibilities. Include options such as ping pong, darts, and basketball toss to keep your staff happy and entertained. Your job will be to make sure people are using it responsibly and not spending all day in there messing around. It’s a great selling point when you’re trying to attract top talent to come and join your team. Many people also enjoy this type of activity when they’re struggling to think of ideas and need a way to spark their creativity.

If you have to be in the office each day, you may as well make it an interesting and attractive place to work! Use these suggestions as a starting point for helping you to determine what in your space could use some updating. Not only will you enjoy coming into the office, but you’ll likely all be more productive and satisfied when you have a pleasant environment to work in each day. Have fun with this project and be sure to sit back and admire your hard work once it’s complete.
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