Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Our Cottage on Houzz Tour

I was beyond excited when Becky Harris, writer for Houzz, contacted me to do a Houzz Tour feature of our cottage. I couldn't tell you how amazing it made me feel to have our whole journey documented by such a prestigious site, from picking a wooded lot and having our cottage built from ground up, to designing and decorating it from top to bottom! 

I don't know if I ever shared this part about me before, but I love to work with and be surrounded by people with positive attitude. I can't and won't stand disgruntled people who always have something to whine about. Becky was this positive ray of sunshine you wanted to be close to at all times. It was a true pleasure working with someone like her who is so smart and positive and "gets it" whenever my brain drew a blank. You can read the full article here: 

We've been pretty busy enjoying our summer so we haven't done much decor-wise at the cottage. The only thing we did last week was to add a gate to our loft. As we continued to have friends and their little ones visit us at our cottage, a loft gate became a necessity. Our contractor Super Ian made this gate for us from scratch using Acacia and Maple wood. 

I painted it two-toned to match the rest of the railings, added hinges and a gate latch in matte black.

Our loft is officially ready for kiddie business! Here's a sneak peek at the space - I will be back to do a full reveal of our loft shortly. 

P.S. how many HM Home pieces can you spot from this #shelfie? :)

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