Saturday, March 5, 2011

Done with Laundry Room Makeover....Almost

As a follow up to the last night's post, this is how my laundry/mud room looks after the makeover. The frame is done, so now I can be off to my favorite part -- decorate it.

The Formica Smoke Quarstone countertop in Radiance/Glossy finish looks fabulous. A laminate countertop is practical and economical for a laundry/mud room.

 I opted for a smaller (21"x21"x8") kitchen sink to make room for more storage. After all hands will be all we wash here.
So I started to pick out tiles for the backsplash. Thankfully this time we only have a tiny area to tile, and with the kitchen experience under our belt, this one should be smooth sailing. So far I've settled on this greyish blue + white stone and glass mosaic called Dal Tile MI96 Blue from Home Depot. It's really inexpensive, and it seems to work with the room's color scheme.
 Dal Tile MI96 Blue from Home Depot
 And this is a cheap-n-chic DIY drawer liners I made today. The plastic placemats are two for $1 at Dollarama. After cutting them to fit the pantry shelves, I used double-sided tape to secure them in place. And that's it, $1 for a water-proof, washable and stylish drawer liners where Anthony could park his shoes on.
 And here's something silly we did today. While at Ikea looking for Salong vases (btw, though beautiful they are too small for my laundry room), Anthony suggested these Socker Plant Pots to add some colors to the room. They are very light-hearted and cheerful. I will leave them there for a few days and decide if I want to keep them.
 This is what I was initially thinking to put on top of the shelf -- wooden letters - such a design cliché, isn't it?
More pictures to follow after the complete makeover.
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