Monday, March 14, 2011

SPRING into Action

The sun came out today and I started to see the hope of warm weather around the corner. After all, who can't use some spirit boost in the midst of worldwide desperation such as New Zealand earthquake and Japan earthquake-tsunami?

I see it's about time for us to "spring" into action.

It all started with this...a design inspiration picture I saved to my hard drive years ago and still like to-date. The whole idea is to expand the entertaining space from inside out during summer months.
So here is the design board with my wish list. I have interviewed a couple of landscaping designers so far with the hope to start the project in mid-late April. I will share the design template I select later on.
1. Retaining wall; 2. Emerald Cedar fence facing the patio door; 3. Lilac tree; 4. Storage shed (big enough for bikes, snow blower and lawn mower); 5. Hudson patio set from Canadian Tire; 6. Weber Genesis BBQ; 7. Ikea Balso "Golf Ball" Planters; 8. Bamboo Chinoiserie Chairs purchased from CList for $50; 9. 10x12 Gazebo from Sears -- it will be set up right outside of the patio door. We considered a cedar pergola but decided against it first due to cost ($4000+) and second its practicality (lack of).

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