Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saving is Believing

I've been searching for a small TV/media stand for one of our guest bedrooms. I wanted the stand to be pretty slim in size but with reasonable room for storage, inexpensive potentially a fixer-upper, ideally not white in color, solid wood, and preferably a vintage piece in a shabby chic/French Provincial style (and you wonder why I couldn't find it!). After my rigorous hunt on CList and Kijiji and various furnishing stores turned out to be fruitless, I've decided to give HomeSense a try. I didn't think I'd be that LUCKY!

This little beauty made my eyes pop as soon as I entered the furniture it is, a TV/media stand that fits all my search criteria! I knew if I could think of it, it existed!

Solid Wood TV Media Stand in Buttery Yellow Stain: $99
Fulfill my vision and complete my guest bedroom look: Priceless!
 Love the casual look from the slatted sides of this TV stand.
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