Thursday, March 10, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

After $2500 bank poorer (or house richer), our laundry room makeover is considered complete. I would consider this one of the easiest projects we've done so far in this house. After all, how difficult could it be just to design, pay and get other people to put it together for you?

So this is what our laundry room looks like. I love to be able to drop my purse on the countertop, put away my shoes in the pantry, and wash my hands in the sink before I head into the house. The colorful  "Kiwi" enamel tile in the far right corner is a gift from my mother-in-law from her trip back to New Zealand.
After all I did put up these mosaic tiles myself. I reused all the tools from our kitchen backsplash, and only spent half an hour putting everything in place. The Dal Tile MI96 Blue1 mosaic tiles from Home Depot look so perky and airy --- the sort of ambiance I was after for a laundry/mud room.
And remember that $25 wall-mounted ironing board cabinet I picked up from Home Outfitters? Here it is: slide the cabinet door to the left, flip up the ironing board and you are in business. Now you see it...
And now you don't...
I am still debating whether to paint or wallpaper the wall or leave it as is. The weather is too dingy these days that I can't wrap my head around what color would work for a sunny room like this. We are heading to Italy for a few weeks, so I will have plenty of time to think about it.

Our next project? Shall we Take It Outside?!
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