Friday, March 4, 2011

Laundry Room Work in Progress

We kicked off our laundry room makeover yesterday, and we immediately learnt that no matter how well we planned ahead of time, no matter how great it looked in any type of design software, we need to embrace ourselves for surprises. And just like that "Love It or List It" show, we don't always get all we are promised.

So here is the final design of our laundry/mud room. The bridging shelf I was very much excited about didn't happen as there's not enough clearance for the rod. The double-door sink cabinet showed up as a single-door one. The power outlet for the washer is well above the countertop so it needs to be relocated.
Here is a WIP picture of our laundry room as of tonight. The electrian/plumber is still try to hook up the faucet/sink and relocate the power outlet. The countertop can not be secured until his job is done. The Ikea Adel cabinets turn out great.
So back to the laundry room I go. Will post some more pictures later.
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