Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things

These are a few of my favourite things that I've been wanting to buy or do for a while. I guess I am off to a pretty good start in the new year.

Vintage Brass Plant Mister

My grandma had one of these when I was little and I've always wanted a brass plant mister for my Zamioculcas (Zizi) plant. However, real vintage ones are very hard to come by and most of them are not in very good shape. The other day while I was browsing on the Chapters Indigo web site, I saw this brass herb mister and bought it without thinking twice. It's compact and light for my hand and adds a bit of nostalgia to my kitchen.

Homemade Recipe Journal

I guess I have a new year resolution after all, and that is to better plan our dinners. I have limited cooking skills but I am good at following recipes. I receive so many cookbooks as gifts over the years, and would like to be able to document them all in one place and perfect these recipes over time. I picked up this turquoise leather journal from Indigo a while ago and finally started to put it to use. Behold...my homemade recipe journal!

One of the advantages of maintaining a recipe journal like this is that I could tweak some ingredients/steps to our liking and document them as such. I even added a picture I took from the outcome as inspiration for future cooking.

Oversized Conch Shell

You already know I collect rocks and corals. I've always wanted a piece of the Giant Clam (tridacna gigas) shell, similar to the one at the Ballard Designs. I saw a huge piece once at a Value Village but I don't know what possessed me that day to take a pass. I was seriously kicking myself ever since. This past weekend I found this oversized conch shell at a thrifty store. I think it will do just fine for the time being especially with the ridiculously low price tag! This beauty came home with me and made her way straight to my master bathroom.

Giant Sea Fan

I've always wanted one, framed or not. I've finally decided to accessorize our basement wall unit with a nautical theme containing tons of corals, shells and sea fan. Contrary to the conch shell above, this giant sea fan (over half a meter wide) cost me an arm and a leg but I am sure it's totally collector-worthy. It will become a focal point of the wall unit or even the basement living area. Stay tuned for the reveal.

So do you keep a list of your all-time favourite things that you would like to have or do? Are you like me such that you collect them or get them done over a long and painstaking period of time? Do share!

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