Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Taiwan Trip: Interior Design

As the largest city in Taiwan, Taipei is #4 on the world's list of the most expensive metropolitans to live, right after Hong Kong, Singapore and London (UK). A high-end condo can easily cost NTD (New Taiwanese Dollar, local currency) 3,000,000 per square meter, or CAD$11,000 per square foot.

My granduncles' family live in Taiwan, and one of my cousins runs a real estate development company in Taipei, so we were able to take a private tour to this model penthouse suite in the heart of the city.

I was completely in awe when I first set my foot into the suite: the colour palette is totally me - I love the clean and crisp style.

Love this study nook and the wall built-in unit - such a good use of space.

The entertaining area is so intimate with a mixture of modern clean-lined furniture and timeless classics like Louis chairs.

The dining room is next to the living room right outside of the kitchen.

This all-white kitchen and dining space is not boring at all thanks to the layering of different surface finishes and shades of white.

This is a typical condo-sized kitchen, small but functional.

I love all the mouldings throughout the suite, especially the black frames. The contrast is so sharp and gives this almost all-white space some depth.

Striped wallpaper, geometric mirror inserts, and tufted headboard not only don't clash with one another but they exist in perfect harmony in a guest bedroom.

Guess what? This is a dressing room to the master bedroom!

The master bedroom comes with a dressing room same size as a guest bedroom! This is something I would never expect from a condo suite.

The master bedroom: again love the crisp and sharp colour palette. The blue-slate velvet upholstered wall sets a perfect backdrop for the white Baroque headboard.

The only downside I find in this model suite is that the size of the bathrooms all tends to be on the small side. That's supposedly acceptable in Asia as they value more "living" space than "utility" space like a bathroom.

Master Ensuite.

So for $4.5 million dollars, you can have this gorgeous penthouse suite all to yourself, together with all the smog and haze and fumes from motorcycles in Taipei!

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