Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color Me Happy: Pink

As you all know I have white, grey and blue palette throughout my house, but secretly, I love pink to death. May it be the reserved blush, the passionate fuschia, the innocent soft pink or the flashy neon shade, pink is the universal and timeless colour palette for gentleness, care, sweetness, romance and love. Pink makes people feel...warm and blissful.

From centre clockwise:

  • The lovely Emily Blunt in Dolce & Gabanna's blush dress at Golden Globe. There was also speculation that Anne Hathaway's bridal gown was blush. Perhaps it will become a new trend?
  • Pink lemonade cake from Sugar Baby Aprons: I really want to give this recipe a try. It will be perfect for a baby girl shower or Valentine's Day.
  • Caitlin Wilson's PINK CITY MAZE PILLOW.
  • Francis Coppola Winery's Sofia Blanc de Blancs: I collect all the Coppola wines that LCBO ever carries. In addition to what Francis Ford Coppola is known for, the winery actually produces very good reds.
  • James Duncan Canape Louis XV Gondole Pink Sofa: if I ever have a baby girl, I am going to get one of these for the nursery.
  • If you are looking for pink home decor inspiration, look no further than Christine Dovey's Bijou and Boheme. Her home is every grown-up girl's dream. I am sure it's like a Parisian vacation at her house every day.
  • The talented Jen Ramos' "Mother" original painting: love how she uses pink throughout her artworks.
  • Pink diamond ring through Blue Nile: wouldn't it be divine to have one of these as a cocktail ring?
  • Valentino Themes and Variations: a stylish coffee table book and a subtle way to introduce the pink colour into your living room.
  • Jeanne Lanvin Perfume by Lanvin: I have been using this perfume since its introduction in 2008 and still love it. It's fruity, sweet with a touch of floral and perfect for any work or social occassion.

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