Monday, January 7, 2013

In the Mail Today: Castle Books

Over the holidays Anthony got me hooked on this ABC hit comedy-drama TV series called Castle. After racing through four seasons on DVD, I ordered the Nikki Heat novels written by the lead character, a best-selling mystery novelist, Richard Castle. Castle is portrayed by one of Canada's most divine exports to Hollywood, the ruggedly handsome and adorable Nathan Fillion. Yes, I am a cliché that way - fascinated by fictional characters on a show, so much so that I even bought their "books"! In the novels, "Nikki Heat" character is based on Detective Kate Beckett who is portrayed by the equally gorgeous Stana Katic, a fellow Canadian originally from Hamilton. In the real world, the books were written by the creator of the Castle show screenwriter Andrew Marlowe.

After the new year hubs' work travel has been in full swing, so I will have some evenings to myself to indulge in these novels. A date in my bathtub with these thrillers seems like a perfect way to decompress.

The Nikki Heat novel series so far in the order of release:
Heat Wave, Naked Heat, Heat Rising and Frozen Heat.

After I finish them I will probably remove the book sleeves and add them to my "pretty" book collection. 

So do you follow Castle or any new fun TV shows lately? Any interesting reads?

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