Sunday, September 23, 2012

All Taped Up

Our main bathroom demo starts tomorrow so this weekend we spent some time taping up the stuff we wanted to protect. One thing we've learnt from our years' of renovations is that the onus is always on the home owner to protect what's in the way. Our contractors will put down drop cloth and tarp but nobody else is ever going to care more about your house than you do so it doesn't hurt to go a bit overboard.  

I am a bit embarrassed to show you this picture...we pretty much gift-wrapped the bath tub.

We also put down heavy-duty paint booth floor paper along the path from the front door leading to the main bathroom. Note we used the Blue Painters Tape for Delicate Surfaces for the hardwood floor, and cheaper Green Painter's Tape for all other surfaces.

Drop cloth will go on the staircase to prevent slips.

Dust and chaos awaits tomorrow, but considering in just over a week my main bathroom could look like this, it all seems worthwhile. 
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