Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Online Thrifting

Did any of your shopping experience ever end up with you walking out of the door loaded with tons of stuff that you weren't originally there for? I hope I am not alone. With the convenience of clicks-away online shopping, it can get worse for me.

Earlier tonight as I was browsing on Indigo web site for the latest Eyewitness Travel Guides, I came across this -- Metal Task Lamp in Dandelion. Its Seafoam Green twin has received so many mentions lately in design magazines and blogs. I am actually very drawn to this peppy shade of yellow, and of course I couldn't pass a price tag like that either! So it made to my shopping cart.  

It was used in one of Steven and Chris' episodes "Sexy Dens for the Single Gal". Love the pop!

I also picked up this white lacquer tray at 50% off. 

I am thinking of using it like this in our living room, or as a vanity tray in our main bathroom. It's so versatile and has so much potential, all for a mere $12.50! Love me a deal!


Do you do online thrifting? Have you scored anything fun lately? Btw, you should really check out Indigo web site often, under Lifestyle and Home categories. They have really cool and chic stuff on sale all the time.

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