Monday, September 17, 2012

Cuteness Alert

Lately I've noticed more and more designers are incorporating cute animal figurines to lighten up the mood for their overall design. Be it for the nursery or those simply young at heart, cute objects have certainly made their way into a more serious side of the design world.

I couldn't help but crack up whenever I look at this Leo Owl Bank from Urban Outfitters. 50 bucks says you agree.

Or how about this sort-after Burberry Owl Cashmere Sweater since Kate Bosworth made its debut?

I will take this Brass Hippo by Jonathan Adler as my Christmas gift, thanks very much. (hint to hubs).

I would love to have this whimsical Octopus Tea Towel by Thomas Paul in my kitchen.

A more affordable version from Etsy will do too.

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