Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Six Types of Bathroom Wall Arts

In my opinion, bathroom wall is one of the easiest places to decorate in a house. Why you may ask. Unlike a foyer or a dining room or a living room where you'd usually want to showcase your tasteful collections, bathroom walls can take any style or form of arts as long as they please you. Arts throughout your house can not only bring your decors in a room together, but they also speak to the home owners' taste in art. Arts in the bathroom, on the other hand, don't have to follow the same rule. One could have a Degas over the mantle in your living room, and a whimsical watercolor painting by an art student from Etsy in your bathroom, and they would still co-exist just fine.

Here are six types of stylish bathroom wall arts that I am in love with:

1. Vintage: Vintage arts have made a major comeback in recent years. In addition, there are numerous re-creations of vintage designs like this art print.

2. Cute: Hoot Hoot! Are you feeling what I am feeling? These cute owl art prints are perfect for little kiddies' bathrooms as well as those that are young at heart.

3. Moody: these arts usually work into a certain ambiance you would like your bathroom to offer. For example, this serene and tranquil minimalist photo by Jennifer Squires would complement a spa-inspired bathroom.

 4. Whimsical: bathroom is also a great place to hang some playful and informal arts like these.

5. Typographic: there is an unprecedented influx of typographic arts in the marketplace. They have found their ways into pretty much anywhere in your house from nursery to mudroom to kitchen and of course to the loo. This art print caught my eyes as I was browsing on Etsy because it's one of the few that doesn't ask me to take any action or "carry on".

6. Artsy: who says you can't put up a gallery wall in a bathroom? Aren't they sensational? All photos via Houzz.

So what type of art do you have on your bathroom walls?

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